Book Illustration - coppice agroforestry

Bringing Coppice Agroforestry to Life: A Technical Illustration Challenge

This project involved illustrating “Coppice Agroforestry: Tending Trees for Products, Profit and Woodland Ecology,” by Mark Krawczyk. In a period of four months, I collaborated closely with the author to visually represent the book’s core concepts in over 60 illustrations. The challenge? Creating clear and informative technical illustrations – in grayscale and black and white, within a limited size format – to showcase the biology of woody plants and the intricacies of coppice agroforestry practices. This involved illustrating unprecedented elements like branch and stem growth patterns, requiring collaboration with other biologists to ensure accuracy. Working on a tight schedule with the publisher, New Society Publishers, demanded efficiency and a focus on clear communication within a limited visual space.



mark krawczyk


January 2022


book illustration


"This book would not be what it has become without the remarkable talents of my close friend and colleague William Bode. He is responsible for creating all of this book’s illustrations. I thoroughly enjoyed our back and forth for the last four months of this project. Your ability to turn ideas and concepts into beautiful clear graphics left me proud and deeply impressed. I am so grateful for our friendship and the parallel paths we've followed over the past decade and beyond. I am so astonished by your artistic skill, your patient listening, the open, understanding way you respond to comments and accept feedback, and the beautiful simplicity of the lives you and Corinne lead. I hope this is just another step in many more collaborations and that readers fully appreciate the elegant clarity of the works of art you've contributed."