oxymel Label Design - vcff

Visually Communicating home-grown Premium Quality with Minimalist Design

This project presented a unique opportunity: translating the rustic charm of a homegrown, all-natural concentrate into a label that reflects its premium quality. I opted for a minimalist label design, allowing the product’s natural essence to shine through. A block print illustration of the key ingredient adds a touch of handcrafted authenticity. A gradient color scheme that infuses the design with modern elegance and a touch of unexpected flair. The final design bridges the gap between the product’s artisanal roots and its potential for broader appeal.




Valley Clayplain


september 2022




"We are absolutely thrilled with the job Will Bode did crafting two logos and labels for two new products! With very little prompting, he created an aesthetic that matches our brand identity. He was responsive to our feedback and provided us with knowledgeable suggestions to improve the overall design. We’re grateful to have worked with such a talented designer."​