logo design - Valley Clayplain Forest Farm

Developing cohesive brand experiences across all touchpoints

Valley Clayplain Forest Farm approached me with a unique challenge: create a logo that captures their essence – modern yet deeply rooted in sustainable practices. The solution? A captivating woodblock-inspired design. The logo itself is a clever blend of barn and forest. A single, majestic tree forms the roof, while smaller trees seamlessly fill the structure below. This minimalist and abstract design, reminiscent of a traditional woodblock print, evokes a powerful sense of harmony between nature and modern sophistication.



Valley Clayplain Forest Farm


january 2022


brand identity


"We are absolutely thrilled with the job Will Bode did crafting two logos and labels for two new products! With very little prompting, he created an aesthetic that matches our brand identity. He was responsive to our feedback and provided us with knowledgeable suggestions to improve the overall design. We’re grateful to have worked with such a talented designer."​