Hi, I am Will Bode,

an American designer based in Vaud, Switzerland. Being a world traveler and expat offers me the unique opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to my craft. Working with both regional and international clients keeps my process fresh, as it allows me to constantly reinvent new design aesthetic. My appreciation for Swiss minimalist design is matched by my passion for my American roots’ of experimental trends, which makes my designs innovative yet effective.

As an experienced logo designer, I understand the power of a strong and memorable design. By considering your target audience and aligning with your brand’s values, I create logos that lay the foundation for a successful brand identity. Invest in your future with a logo that sets you apart and boosts your recognition in the market. Let’s create a lasting impact together.

I am excited to bring my unique experience to your next project to collaborate with you in creating a logo that truly reflects your brand and values.

Designer Will Bode who designs strong & memorable logos

“Lets unlock your brand’s full potential with captivating, functional designs.”