Sacred Woods

Sacred Woods is a company that makes rosary prayer-bead necklaces and essential oil perfumes. They wanted a hand crafted typeface that expressed the spiritual handmade nature of their products. I came up with this simple curly hand crafted font, with the Os made in an infinity loop and tulsi (holy basil) leafs sprouting from the first and last letters.

Trinity Yard School

Trinity Yard School is an NGO in Ghana, West Africa. They needed a logo that showed their dedication to preserving the traditional cultural heritage of Ghana. I created this minimalist logo mark of students walking down the school road carrying drums on their heads.I created several color variants of the logo for their clothing line.

Ovens DIY is a new site I built for my services relating to clay ovens. This logo seems very simple and maybe even an obvious design, but it took me many iterations to chisel out this raw simplicity. It is the deep simplicity of logos that makes them so desirable and yet this is exactly what makes them so difficult to design. We need to make your company standout by having an easily distinguishable mark, and at the same time, it needs to communicate exactly what it is you’re offering. Logos pack a lot of information into the littlest package possible.

Yogic Chai

Yogic Chai is a well established loose-leaf tea company in Montclair, NJ. They need a simplified logo to give them the professional look that represents their high-quality products. They had the basic idea of a yogi sipping a cup of tea. I simplified and vectorized it, making it usable on both dark and light backgrounds. The result is a brand identity that stands out and makes them easily recognizable.

Oxymel Label

Valley Clayplain Forest Farm is a small farm in Central Vermont that produces a product called Oxymel. They needed a label for it that reflected its old-world, home-made character. I created this wood-block styled label that gives the product this old-world, home-made feel, and at the same time shows that it is a high-end quality product.

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