As a logo designer my goals are three fold. I aim to make a design that is; appropriate, distinctive and simple. Appropriate to your brand and target audience, distinctive to set you apart from you competitors and make your brand memorable, and simple, as simplicity is the most important design criteria of a successful logo. See my Logo Process page for a breakdown of the steps and what you get as a logo client.

Sacred Woods

Sacred Woods is a company that makes rosary prayer-bead necklaces and essential oil perfumes. They wanted a hand crafted typeface that expressed the spiritual handmade nature of their products. I came up with this simple curly hand crafted font, with the Os made in an infinity loop and tulsi (holy basil) leafs sprouting from the first and last letters.

Green Mountain School of Yoga

GMSY’s goal is to bring the teachings of yoga to a wide diversity of people. They teach the full range of yoga  from the stretching known as asana, to the spiritual philosophy in Vedic scriptures. They wanted a modern logo mark that expressed the holistic range of their teachings. See more on the development of this logo in the course I took with the world renowned designer Sagi Haviv – here

Trinity Yard School

Trinity Yard School is an NGO in Ghana, West Africa. They needed a logo that showed their dedication to preserving the traditional cultural heritage of Ghana. I created this minimalist logo mark of students walking down the school road carrying drums on their heads. I created several color variants of the logo for their clothing line.

Ovens DIY is a new site I built for my services relating to clay ovens. This logo seems very simple and maybe even an obvious design, but it took me many iterations to chisel out this raw simplicity. It is the deep simplicity of logos that makes them so desirable and yet this is exactly what makes them so difficult to design. We need to make your company standout by having an easily distinguishable mark, and at the same time, it needs to communicate exactly what it is you’re offering. Logos pack a lot of information into the littlest package possible.

ferme du bout du monde

Ferme du bout du monde  is a Permaculture Farm and Ecology Training Center in Belgium. They came to me wanting an upscale yet down-to-earth logo. The idea is what I called The seed of life, meaning it has many archetypal patterns in it that represent food and life. The soothing blend of muted tones reflects an evening sunset in the field. This simple logo has given them a way to make a lasting first impression and to stand apart from the conventional farms in Belgium.


Yogic Chai

Yogic Chai is a well established loose-leaf tea company in Montclair, NJ. They need a simplified logo to give them the professional look that represents their high-quality products. They had the basic idea of a yogi sipping a cup of tea. I simplified and vectorized it, making it usable on both dark and light backgrounds. The result is a brand identity that stands out and makes them easily recognizable.

Keyline Vermont

Keyline Vermont is a holistic agency working out of the state of Vermont specializing in perennial food production systems, infrastructure development, ecological water management, and green building. They wanted a simple logo mark to separate them from their competition. I came up with this Vermont shaped logo that has the representation of “keylines” in the warm colors of Vermont and a natural landscape.

Mudblood Builds

Mudblood Builds is a natural building company based in Denver, CO, specializing in earth-based installations, blending art with architecture. They wanted a circle logo that had a refined but natural feel. The inspiration for the this minimalist negative-space logo came from one of the ovens they built. The typography was partially hand built to match the natural hand sculpted feel of the icon.


This fun logo project was for a global traveler based out of Hawaii, who got a new catamaran and gave it the name Mālolo, meaning flying fish in Hawaiian. The logo mark features a more pronounced swirl pattern of the trail the flying fish makes to give the logo more balance and interest when it is on its own.

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